Installation | Trailer Hitch for Golf MK2

A towbar has been a topic of discussion for some time, as we wanted to be able to take our bicycles with us on trips. In mid-2022, I started considering when to install it, and over Christmas 2022, I spontaneously ordered a suitable tow bar along with a 13-pin electrical kit. In early January, I began the installation process.



  • Torque wrench
  • Socket set (17, 19mm sockets)
  • 19mm wrench
  • 17mm wrench
  • 13mm wrench
  • Impact driver with 17mm and 19mm sockets

Golf MK2 trailer hitch | Installation

First, the bumper retaining bolts are loosened from underneath the side members, allowing the entire bumper to be easily removed. Once the bumper is removed, I proceed to detach the plastic cover from the support bracket. Unfortunately, what was revealed behind it was not a pretty sight. It appears that one of the previous owners had a minor collision with the bumper (or caused it themselves?!) and simply bent it back without any corrosion protection or regard for safety.

Slightly curved. Should be straight. All for the towbar
Golf MK2 trailer hitch
The cut-off plastic clips. Not exactly what you want to see.
Golf MK2 trailer hitch

Visible dent in the plastic

A new support plate will be installed, with costs of around €60 budgeted for it. Should I replace the plastic cover as well? Yes, but not until summer, and only if I can find a good and affordable one (the new part costs around €105).

Even the fact that the plastic cover no longer fits on the completely bent metal plate was “professionally” solved by simply cutting off all the mounting points. As a result, the cover is now only secured to the plate at two points instead of the original eight.

Lots of rust, partly due to age but also due to the impact and deformation.
Golf MK2 trailer hitch

Cut-off clips

Attaching the support bracket that sits between the side members required precision work. Either the bracket was improperly welded or the Golf is slightly misaligned at the rear (I believe both are true).

Not easy to see the misalignment of the drill holes.
Golf MK2 trailer hitch

After about 1.5 hours, the towbar, along with the plastic cover, was reassembled.

The towbar on the Golf 2. Installed and concealed.
Golf MK2 trailer hitch

The installed towbar with the electrical kit already mounted

I routed the electrical kit through the factory opening in the rear panel. The provided seal fits perfectly there.

The installation of the electrical kit took another 3 hours. The reason is quite simple: I wanted to run a 4mm² cable from the battery to the trunk. This way, I have enough cross-section to also install trunk lighting and a 12V socket.

To route the 4mm² cable, I removed the rear seat and the carpet on the driver’s side.

The 4mm² cable in the cable conduit, along with the electrical kit for the towbar. Golf 2

The wire itself is now in the old cable conduit, which I opened in several places to make pulling it through easier.

The End Result

Two classics made for each other. Thanks to the towbar. Golf 2

In the end, I was able to test the hitch with our 1.2-ton vehicle. The Golf had no problems with the weight. We have already completed our first trips with the small 750kg trailer for disposing of garden waste. You will soon find a detailed product review of the towbar here.


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