Road trip to Heilbronn in 2022

The start of the first road trip was on December 30, 2022, around 10 am. However, I had made the preparations for it a few days before. The biggest one was passing the TÜV examination.

Additionally, I converted the license plate lighting to LED, checked the oil levels, and visually inspected the timing belt.

And because it’s better to be safe than sorry, I packed a package of potentially necessary tools and placed it in the spare tire well.

And the journey begins

We set off quite early in the morning. The route is actually quite simple. From Braunschweig, take the A39 to the A7 and continue on the A7 until Kirchheim. Just before Kirchheim, there’s a choice between Würzburg, continuing on the A7, or going through Frankfurt and the A5. Google Maps usually helps with that 😀 Initially, Google suggested taking the A5, but as is often the case, that changed. From past experience, driving past Frankfurt after 12 pm noon is never recommended.

Since we had Luna with us and Emma tends to have a higher interior noise level than our Superb, we took more breaks (although we probably didn’t need to).

We took about 1.5 hours to reach Göttingen, which is the normal average time for that time of day. After passing Göttingen, we were approaching the part of the route that we were eagerly anticipating, the Kassler-Berge (Kassel hills).

I used to travel this route weekly for work in 2019, and I’ve seen quite a few newer cars struggling with the steep inclines. But if you know what to watch out for and how to drive a manual transmission, it’s not much harder with 72 horsepower than with 180 horsepower 😉

So, Emma handled it well and didn’t even break a sweat. The newer cars were worse off, with drivers who had to overtake us only to slow down on the next uphill stretch :/

Arrival in Heilbronn

We arrived in Heilbronn after 6 hours of driving. Which is again a “normal” average time. We didn’t exceed 120 km/h, avoided the city center of Würzburg, and didn’t encounter any technical problems. So, the first part of this long journey went well.

The fuel consumption settled at around 7.25 liters/100 km after Heilbronn. That’s a bit more than the Superb would consume (5.5-8 liters), but perfectly fine for the Golf.

Emma in Bad Wimpfen | Road trip

Emma in Bad Wimpfen in front of the train station

The Return Journey

We headed back on New Year’s Day after having breakfast with the in-laws.

First stop was at the gas station, as the tank was only half full. So, we refueled and hit the road.

The return journey was the same as the outbound journey, through Würzburg. There isn’t much new to report. Emma handled it well once again and surprised us with a fuel consumption of 6.75 liters/100 km.

In conclusion, what can I say about this first road trip? Despite its age, Emma is still capable of undertaking longer trips, even if they involve driving through mountains. She doesn’t necessarily consume more fuel than a newer vehicle but, of course, doesn’t offer as much comfort 😉


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