What you can find in an old car

Curious find? When you buy a car you enjoy everything. You are happy about the feel of the surfaces or the typical new car smell. But when you buy a used vehicle, you are happy about the legacies of the people who built the vehicle, because you make some strange finds there.

A rare find | The assembly instructions

When I installed the trailer hitch, I partially removed the carpet on the driver’s side to lay the permanent plus cable. Below that, as expected, is the insulation and dust. But also a crumpled piece of paper, which turned out to be a very strange find. I found the assembly instructions.

Like today from a dot matrix printer. And all the information about the vehicle is on it. VIN, MKB, GKB, color code and all equipment features. But what’s interesting for me is that I can see which assembly line my Golf went through in Hall 54 in Wolfsburg. And also when it all happened.

Die Montage-Anleitung aus der Produktion. Der Golf lieft am 10.02.89 in Wolfsburg über die ML6 | Das nennt man einen kuriosen Fund curious find

Now I know that Emma will be running on assembly line 6 on Friday in week 6. No. 212 was running.

By the way, if you are interested in VW production, you are welcome to take a look here.

Used to be normal, now strange The order forms for the seats

In modern production, seats are delivered to the lines JIS (Just in Sequence). All notes for logistics are attached to the transport racks. The seats have machine-readable QR codes/bar codes/RFID tags. No longer readable for us. In the past there were delivery notes with the type of fabric, seat type, color etc.

To discover something like this after 34 years is what I call a curious find.

A find from old folders | The employees order a Golf II

You can also find rare things when tidying up at home. An order for a Golf 2 from the Wolfsburg factory.

Eine Beispielbestellung für einen Golf II aus 1987

What the future will bring

I’m still at the very beginning of the renovation. So there can always be something that you don’t expect. Who knows, maybe the lost log book is still somewhere under the carpet on the passenger side 😉


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