The Volkswagen Golf MK2: The Golf MK2 GTI

Welcome back to the second part of our series about the legendary Volkswagen Golf 2. In this part we dedicate ourselves to the sporty GTI model, which has won many fans with its powerful engine and sporty design.


Introduced in 1984, it was an instant hit with car fans and critics. The GTI’s design was an evolution of the base model, but with some unique elements that distinguished it from other Golf models. These include the red-rimmed radiator grille, the double headlights and the legendary “GTI” lettering on the front.

The interior was also sportier than the base model. The seats were covered in the characteristic checkered pattern that has been a trademark of the GTI ever since. The steering wheel and gear knob were also designed specifically for the GTI model.

Golf MK2 GTI: The engine

MK2 Series GTI was equipped with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine that had an output of 112 hp and a torque of 147 Nm. This performance was impressive for the time and made the GTI one of the fastest and most agile cars on the road. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h took just 8.3 seconds and the top speed was 196 km/h.

Golf MK2 GTI: The equipment

Not only was it powerful, it was also well equipped. It had air conditioning, electric windows, a sunroof and central locking. The radio and speaker system were also of a higher standard than the base model.

Golf 2 GTI: The success

The model was a huge success for Volkswagen and became a cult car of the 80s. It won numerous prizes and awards, including the title of “Car of the Year” in Germany in 1985. Even today, 2 Series GTIs are highly sought after and popular with collectors and enthusiasts.

Your opinion

What is your favorite feature of the Golf MK2 GTI? Do you find the design or the engine more impressive? Let us know in the comments below! In the next episode of our series we will take a closer look at the Golf MK2 CL. Stay tuned and check back next week!

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