Expand interior lighting with a timer

Who doesn’t know it: you get into your Golf MKII in the dark and as soon as you close the door the interior lighting goes out. Now you can get a ready-made lamp with a timer on eBay for around €40 plus shipping, but you can also do it cheaper if you do it yourself.

What do you need for interior lighting

The existing interior light and a 12V time relay from Amazon for €8.20, about 1.5mm², string cutters, wire strippers, small slotted screwdriver, crimping pliers, crimp connectors (alternatively solder connectors) and wire end sleeves. And of course be able to do some craftsmanship.

timer relais innenraumbeleuchtung innenraum licht volkswagen golf II
Timer Relais

Step by step to your goal

  1. The first thing to do is disconnect the battery, as work on the vehicle’s electrical system should only be carried out without voltage.
  2. We start by removing the interior lighting. To do this, take a small slotted screwdriver and lightly press the metal clip on the right side towards the light.
  3. Then remove the light and unclip the plug, this can be done without any tools. You no longer need the light, so it’s best to put it aside.
  4. Now cut off 5 approx. 15cm long ends from the 1.5mm². Now insulate the ends of the pieces. Since the contacts of the timer I used didn’t have much space, I put the cables together under a ferrule. I would like to point out that this is not normally done like that 😉
  5. Now you can connect the timer as described in the circuit diagram below.
timer relais innenraumbeleuchtung innenraum licht volkswagen golf II schaltplan anschlussplan
Short sketch of the connection diagram bn=brown bn/wh=brown white rd=red

To make it easier to remove the relay, I used crimp connectors with plugs. But everyone has to decide for themselves!


For me the light now runs for almost 21 seconds, which is sufficient for me. But you can also let it run longer. Please note, however, that it is not like new vehicles that the light does not go out when starting/driving off! A longer period of time is therefore not necessarily recommended.

timer relais innenraumbeleuchtung innenraum licht volkswagen golf II
Not pretty but functional

Your opinion on interior lighting with a timer

And what do you think of my conversion of the interior lighting to a timer? Good or stupid? Write it to me in the comments.

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