CarComputer | The onboard computer for old cars

Is a CarComputer a onboard computer? If you ask Wikipedia, it says:

A Car-PC or Carputer is a computer that is permanently installed in a car or truck, usually with a touchscreen for easy control.

Car-PC – Wikipedia

According to me, a CarComputer is a replacement for a missing onboard computer. It consists of a small screen with a computing unit (in my case, a Raspberry Pi).

Synonym for an onboard computer, but with a display featuring Android Auto

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What should the “onboard computer” be able to do?

The plan is to display various temperatures, such as coolant, oil, interior, and exterior temperature. In addition, it should display the battery voltage, and if possible, also include a lamp monitoring system 😀

I recently came across an open-source operating system that I will try out. The OS is called Crankshaft and provides an Android Auto solution for Raspberry Pi. Let’s see if the software is also suitable for querying i2c sensors. If you want to learn more about it, here is the link to the product page.

Onboard computer" CarComputer as a conceptual drawing for the Volkswagen Golf 2

Here is the basic concept drawing. It’s all just planning so far.

Posts about the CarComputer

You can find information about all the functions that are currently running and upcoming, as well as what I use, here:

Here is the link to the list of materials

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