The materials list | CarComputer

Here is a materials list of all the hardware and software used for the CarComputer “board computer”. The list is continually updated.

silver and green circuit board Platzhalter für die Materialliste
Photo by Alessandro Oliverio on

The project | CarComputer

You can find the project page here


  • RaspberryPi 4 at Amazon
  • Micro SD at Amazon €14.99
  • 5″ touchscreen for RPi at Amazon €46.99
  • UPS HUT for RPi at Amazon €30.99
  • GPIO Screew Board for RPi at Amazon €24.99
  • DC0-25V voltage tester for RPi is currently no longer available
  • Jumper Wire 40x 20cm on Amazon €5.94
  • Unfortunately, brightness meter light sensor I2C BH1750FVI is currently not available